Crispy Egg

Relais & Châteaux Restaurant Falsled Kro,

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We discovered the ultimate
combination. Our Crispy Egg
with Cabbage, Chanterelle
Sauce and Herb Salad has
herewith found its perfect
partner in the glass.
The Gewürztraminer
Nussbaumer from Cantina
Tramin offers everything that
this dish needs in a
companion and complement.
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A rich bouquet of ripe fruits makes this wine so ideal – peach and apricot in the nose, and then some nearly christmaslike spices appear on the palate. A substantial wine that harmonises perfectly with the egg – poached and then briefly fried in bread crumbs. The eggs and wine by themselves are already approaching poetry – but then we add the chanterelle-sauce, and here it becomes truly phenomenal, how the wine practically dissolves the light bitterness of the mushrooms. What remains are the intense aromas – both of wine and of the dish.’ Chef Per Hallundbaek continues, ‘Gewürztraminers are fantastic food-wines; we also like to combine this Gewürztraminer with Asian dishes.’
Chef de Cuisine Per Hallundbaek &
Sommelier Nicolai Hyllested
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In the fairytale setting of Falsled Kro, the passionate master chef Per Hallundbaek creates unique and distinctive dishes that speak of the poetic legends and sagas of the North. Sommelier Nicolai Hyllested is always at hand with the best possible wine-accompaniments.