Veal and Matsutake

Elements Restaurant – Princeton,
New Jersey,

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We put our noses to the glass
and immediately got ideas.
The Gewürztraminer Nussbaumer
is a fascinating wine.
Its floral bouquet and
multilayered aromaticity make
it easy for you,to come up
with an exciting pairing.
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Light meat, but also tuna or swordfish; these were the first things that came to mind. But ultimately we decided on veal braised in whey. Fennel, galangal and ginger give the dish an Asian accent. The sauce comes from the fleshy matsutake mushrooms, which harmonise perfectly with the floral notes of the wine,” Anderson was quite enthusiastic. ‘We were particularly impressed with the bouquet of the wine. What aromas! In combination with the aromatic complexity of the mushrooms, its fragrances achieve a truly memorable marriage.
Chef de Cuisine Scott Anderson &
Sommelier Justin Kuruvilla
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Since 2008 this rather avant-garde chef celebrates great American cuisine in his restaurant Elements – it’s considered one of the best addresses in the USA, and Justin Kuruvilla’s wine list has been singled-out for its excellence by The Wine Spectator. Year after year, prizes and accolades are showered upon this restaurant: for the unbelievably creative and multifaceted cuisine, and for the modern yet comfortable ambience.