Fettucine with Smoked Trout

Lincoln Ristorante,
New York,

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Our luncheon guests, many of
whom work at Lincoln Center,
are totally spoiled in their
culinary expectations.
At lunchtime, the food must
arrive on the table without
undue delay, but it must also
distinguish itself for flavour
and creativeness.
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On New York City's Upper West Side, and just a stone's throw from the opera house and concert halls of Lincoln Center, the urbanely styled Lincoln Ristorante never fails to impress with its larger-than-life Italian cuisine. 'Dolce Vita' - that's the motto of chef de cuisine Jonathan Benno, who, like hardly any other American, has mastered a wide array of northern as well as southern Italian dishes. ‘Our dish Fettuccine with Smoked Trout and Mustard Sauce has recently become a classic, and the one wine that does the best alongside it is the Nussbaumer Gewürztraminer from Kellerei Tramin,' says Chef Benno. Enthusiastic sommelier Aaron von Rock tells us, 'Sometimes I've got to scratch my head a bit over the choice of a wine; when this happens it's usually because I worry about the aromas from the plate not being harmonious with those in the glass. In these cases, Gewürztraminer is frequently the solution. The really distinctive dishes like terrines, shellfish, smoked fish & meat - and of course cheeses - are so often most effectively complemented with a Gewürztraminer.'
Executive Chef Jonathan Benno
and Sommelier Aaron von Rock
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This is where the New Yorker business world and Big Apple lifestyle come together. In the almost entirely glassed-in Lincoln, with its magnificent ambience and open kitchen, executive chef Jonathan Benno - who previously worked at Per Se with Thomas Keller - and sommelier Aaron von Rock serve great Italian cuisine and memorable wines.