Langoustines with Orange and Fennel Salad

Acqua Pazza Restaurant,

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The Nussbaumer Gewürztraminer
provides a magnificent
accompaniment for our
Langoustines with Orange &
Fennel Salad. And I shall explain
why: first of all, these
crustaceans demand a wine
with structure and body.
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Then come the aromas: simply how the fragrances of lychee, orange and cloves in the wine harmonise beautifully with the aromas rising from the plate... On the palate there's a perfect back-and-forth between the aromas of the wine and the sweet crab-meat, the fennel and the oranges. The fresh herbs - tarragon, dill, chervil and mint - pick up on the spicy elements in the wine. 'It's just the perfect combination.' Yashimi Hidaka is a passionate devoté of Italian cuisine, which he dishes up with great pride in his elegant restaurant in downtown Tokyo. In addition to silverware, white tablecloths and the wonderfully attentive service, Japanese gourmets are avidly fond of the place because of Hidaka's unique and distinctive culinary creations. Chef Hidaka bases his concepts in the stellar quality of his ingredients - there can be no compromise - so only the best meat, fish, fruits and vegetables find their way into his kitchen and onto the plate. Hidaka's subtle Italian dishes, here enhanced with the finest Japanese ingredients, can sometimes provide the sommelier with a bit of a challenge.
Chef de Cuisine Hashimi Hidaka
and Sommelier Kazumasa Takihara
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The great artist of aromaticity, Hashimi Hidaka executes the best of Italian concepts with the finest of Japanese ingredients in his classy restaurant Acqua Pazza in Tokyo. Sommelier Kazumasa Takihara expertly leads Hidaka's diners through the 300 choices offered on the wine list.