Scallops with Spring Onions

Nahm Restaurant,

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The Gewürztraminer is indeed a
classic at the Metropolitan.
Thompson loves to combine
this wine with seafood
particularly scallops in sesame
oil with spring onions, thai garlic,
soy, sugar and white pepper.
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Australian native David Thompson is a grandmaster of traditional Thai cuisine. His restaurant in Bangkok’s Hotel Metropolitan is considered among the best Thai addresses worldwide; it also figures consistently among the “50 Best Restaurants in the World” . Thompson’s cuisine presents a fascinating voyage of discovery through the worlds of scent, aroma, colour and contrasting intensities of taste. His various dishes are frequently surprising for their unusual textures and flavour-combinations. There are few to equal Thomson in his mastery of the interplay between sweet, sour, spicy and salty. And with its cool décor and the view of the pool outside, the restaurant also provides a feast for the eyes. “It’s always about balance; the spicy and aromatic notes of the Gewürztraminer create an extremely exciting balancing-act with the ingredients and the spices”, states Mr. Thompson.
Chef de Cuisine David Thompson
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Chef de Cuisine and author David Thompson is internationally recognised as an authority on Thai cuisine. When one is naming the best Thai restaurants, his Nahm in the capital city of Bangkok is always at the top of the list. Here he is able to celebrate the intricacies of Asian cookery at the highest standard – in addition to which he personally and passionately supervises the creatively assorted wine list.