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Troy, our idea of ​​Chardonnay

In the language of our ancestors, "Troy" means "path". This name epitomizes the journey that Cantina Tramin has taken through many years of research and experimentation.

A journey that has led us to study carefully every minute detail of Chardonnay, a noble grape variety from which some of the best white wines in the world are made. We have slowly accustomed this variety, whose cultivation is not as simple as generally assumed, to the special conditions of our mountain slopes.

In Söll, at 500 to 550 meters above sea level, these Chardonnay vines have found perfect balance and inherently produce very few bunches of grapes. The vineyards are found on impracticable slopes with southeastern exposure, benefitting from long days of sunshine and dramatic differences in temperature between day and night.

Each grape is carefully harvested by hand and appraised for quality. This is the making of Troy: a wine unmistakeably shaped by our mountains. Our idea of a Chardonnay.