future horizon

Termeno is the cradle of our dream. A place of serene beauty
that recalls early morning, when the first light of day breaks the spell of night, and
the scent of the grapevines permeates the stillness
to create the perfect moment.

For us at Cantina Tramin, this green and blue corner of Südtirol - Alto Adige is far from a postcard moment frozen in time. On the contrary: it is a permanent laboratory of inspired viticulture, where ongoing research and new methods ensure that our wines are a natural expression of their terroir.
Tramin is among the first cooperative wineries in Südtirol - Alto Adige to meet the challenges of sustainable agriculture
Today we cultivate approximately 15 hectares of vineyards according to organic and biodynamic principles, in which the grapes are nurtured by the wisdom of mother earth – a slower and more labor-intensive process for our growers. Inspired by this limited experiment and the firm commitment it required, we made the decision in 2007 to bottle our top labels from vineyards cultivated without the use of herbicides, where the balance and rhythm of nature is respected rather than suppressed. Wine made in this manner is nurturing and wholesome, and may also show greater typicity and a clear expression of terroir.

Our goal is to soon abolish the use of herbicides in all 260 hectares of cultivation with the direct involvement of each grower.Our wines mirror the philosophy of life and work that we share among ourselves and with the public: that quality must be pursued, but should also be explained and transformed into conscious experience. We wish to share the story of Tramin with the world, to introduce the characters, secrets and curiosities behind that story.
To that end, there is a plan of activities in place to engage the public and raise awareness of the excellence behind Tramin. The stylish new winery in Termeno along the Strada del Vino is a special place to give this project shape: Here nature and the culture of wine come together to lead customers on a path of lifetime discovery of the region and its wines, with Tramin at the forefront of this long adventure. Through these efforts we have continued to open the hearts of connoisseurs to the aromatic and sensual wines of our region.