Open and polite. Gazes made clear through symbiosis with nature.
Central European earnestness, tempered by unexpected Mediterranean lightness.
These are the traits of our growers, the primary artisans behind the wines of Tramin.

Even with 300 growers and 260 hectares of vineyards, Cantina Tramin operates on a human scale that expresses a farmer to hectare proportion similar to that of a small estate. Each piece of the larger network is directed by a manager according to a focused plan: general guidelines for the cultivation of new plants, for reproducing grapevines, harvest, winemaking and business strategies

Our working philosophy and strong desire to maintain open communication between winery and vineyard provides the foundation for a project developed in accordance with Südtirol - Alto Adige’s culture and its long tradition of cooperative and precise production, aiming for the highest quality wine.