Willi Stürz

Our drive for innovation is balanced by the desire to maintain
the aromatic quality of the grapes.

"Wine production at Cantina Tramin is centered around growers who spend their time and passion between the vines, which in many cases were planted by their ancestors. Even though our company is large, this diffused grower structure allows us to quickly reach any row: this is important because our harvest is done by hand. The grapes are brought from the earth to the table gently and without force, a process that preserves at each step the aromatics developed during ripening. There have been major investments made with this in mind: since 2001, for example, the new gravity-fed production center allows us to work with the utmost care and respect for the grapes. There is no room for improvisation: in both the vineyard and winery, precise control ensures that every bottle reveals well-defined typicity and the character of each grape variety."