characteristics of place

Our vineyards are cultivated in a sea undulating slopes a thousand shades of green,
nestled between the towns of Tramin, Neumarkt, Montagna and Ora, at an altitude
between 250 and 850 m. above sea level.

The area is protected by Monte Roen which, with its 2116 m in altitude, is the highest point of the Mendola moutain chain. Hillside and mountain intersect closely here, playing hide and seek with the major temperature changes between day and night, factors that favor the growth of white grapes, the precious pearls which create the wines of Cantina Tramin. During the day, caressed by the sun and touched by the beneficial effects of the wind that blows from Lake Garda, the grapes reach a healthy, balanced maturity, maintaining aromatic character while developing fullness and ripeness.

At night, intense cold temperatures from the mountains helps lock in freshness while preserving minerality and elegance to create balanced wines that are pleasant to drink. It is not just the climate that is special: the soil is an ideal combination of clay, gravel, limestone and porphyry, a tightly woven fabric of nutrients that gives the grapes a sense of complexity and multifaceted aromas. Here is the secret to an exuberant wine redolent of flowers, spices and gentle fruity notes. An amber nectar, smoothly connected to a body that’s at once powerful yet round.