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Gewürztraminer is
our mission

It is a grape variety that we love, that has grown historically in our lands.

The continuous pursuit of all its potential has encouraged us to create a unique wine: Epokale.

Epokale is inspired by an old tradition. A wine with a sugar residual that can be well perceived, which used to give strength to the body and the soul. We have selected two of our oldest Gewürztraminer vineyards to produce it, near maso Nussbaumer.

In order to develop its maximum expression, Epokale ages then in the dark for seven years in the Ridanna Monteneve mine, at over 6,500 feet of altitude.

Here, four kilometers aways from the opening of the gallery, it preserves its freshness and it gains elegance thanks to an environment that maintains constant humidity and temperature at 52 °F.

It opens to you powerful but dainty, ready to redefine the possibilities Gewürztraminer can give.