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Gewürztraminer is an impressive
accompanist to a wide range of culinary styles.
Its distinctive aromas make for exciting combinations
with Mediterranean cuisine, as well as Asian dishes.
Top chefs all the way from New York to
Tokyo show us how it's done,
providing great moments for gourmets
with their adventuresome creations.
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Gewürztraminer belongs to the Alto Adige, and it always has. Tramin, an idyllic town of some three thousand inhabitants near Lake Caldaro in the Alto Adige, can be justifiably proud of the role it has played as the cradle and nursery of Gewürztraminer. We know that the variety has been propagated in and around Tramin for more than a thousand years, and takes its name from that of the town. The ‘Traminer’ figures among the oldest grape varieties in the world, and is considered to be the genetic forbear of many of the most important - Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and the entire Pinot family.

The wine radiates a seductive and bewitching aromatic profile like no other in the way its scents evoke roses, lychee and cloves. The Gewürztraminer thrives in an Alpine-Mediterranean climate like we typically have in the Alto Adige: plenty of warmth and ripeness, but plenty of cooling during the night to allow the wines to retain freshness and develop their unmistakably spicy aromas. This vine loves warm, limestony and clay soils, preferably on the hillside.

The Cantina Tramin has always placed particular emphasis upon this indigenous grape variety. Consequently, the estate offers no fewer than three different Gewürztraminers:

Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC
This wine shines golden in the glass. Fresh and juicy with a tantalisingly scented bouquet and the pronounced aromas of rose petals, cinnamon and cloves. Very well structured on the palate and powerful. The complex flavours lead to a marvellous finish. Gewürztraminer plays the perfect partner to fish starters, paté, and aromatically spiced dishes of light meat.

NUSSBAUMER Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC
Intense and profound, mineral-laden and elegant – this wine is always singled out for the highest praise. In the glass, diverse notes of cinnamon, tropical fruit and cloves unfold quite impressively. Powerful and persistent on the palate, the wine has an endlessly long finish. We recommend matured soft cheeses and goose-liver paté to go along with this wine. But it will also pair splendidly with lobster and crab, as well as with many Asian dishes.

TERMINUM Gewürztraminer late harvest Alto Adige DOC
The nobly sweet version is remarkable for its concatenation of varietally typical rose-blossom aromas with the scents of vanilla and dried fruit. Terminum has a beautiful golden-yellow to amber colour, and presents aromatic notes of vanilla and ripe fruits. Noble botrytis tones underscore the distinctiveness of this wine. On the palate, the wine is impressive for its opulent body, along with a perfect balance between residual sugar, acidity and alcohol. Gewürztraminer Terminum proves a thrilling accompaniment to carefully selected cheeses like blue cheese.