Saffron Risotto

Restaurant Le Calandre,
Sarmeola di Rubano/Padua,

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It’s very rare that we encounter
a wine with such personality.
The Gewürztraminer
Nussbaumer is a veritable
kaleidoscope of aromas: notes
of roses, mango, lychee, honey
and orange – in combination
with a wide spectrum of refined
herbal spices – just simply
radiate from the glass.
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The wine shows rich body and a fine structure, leading into a magnificently long finish. It posed a bit of a challenge for us, to find the ideal corresponding dish to go along with it. Chef Alajmo continues enthusiastically: ‘Fish, meat… – there were many possibilities. But the intensity of the wine demands an appropriate fencing-partner. Together with sommelier Angelo Sabbadin, I decided on a saffron risotto with a touch of liquorice – and with this combination we set off some culinary fireworks!‘ ‘In order to more effectively convey the character of the wine, we serve the Gewürztraminer just a little bit warmer than we normally pour the white wines,’ explains Sommelier Angelo Sabbadin.
Chef de Cuisine
Massimiliano Alajmo &
Sommelier Angelo Sabbadin
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With its three Michelin stars, the restaurant Le Calandre near Padua is considered one of the most highly-rated restaurants in Italy. Chef de Cuisine Massimiliano Alajmo has become a celebrity: his lightly-textured but simultaneously intense and aromatic culinary stylings place Le Calandre regularly on the prestigious list of the 'World's 50 Best Restaurants.' For many, many years now they've been fully booked every night. Sommelier Angelo Sabbadin loves his job, and has plenty of magnificent surprises in store, even for the most sophisticated connoisseurs of fine wine.